Monday, November 5, 2012

32 Odd Facts About Me

(Disclaimer: It was 2:00 am, I had been editing speeches, studying English Lit, and writing apologetics essays all day and I needed to give my brain a rest by ranting something ridiculous. So I wrote a blog post all about yours truly. If you don’t have anytime to spare then take my advice and don’t even bother to continue reading. However, for those of you who think you have the time to spare (but really don’t), enjoy these enlightening facts regarding my personality and leave me a comment telling at least 10 odd facts about yourself.)

1)    I can make my tongue touch my nose (no pictures available)
2)    I fractured my skull at age 3 (pictures available)
3)    I have never dyed or even highlighted my hair
4)    I read Do Hard Things 23 times
5)    My handwriting is terrible
6)    Math questions give me panic attacks (well…almost)
7)    I refused to wear jeans until 13 years old
8)    I had blond curls when I was little
9)    I’ve watched all 8 hours of BBC’s Little Dorrit in one day
10) One of my dreams is to sing with Josh Groban one day
11) I would rather clean a bathroom than do dirty dishes
12) I was asked on a date by a married man when I was 13
13) Job was my favorite book of the Bible when I was little
14) I have never read The Chronicles of Narnia
15) I don’t want a wedding veil when I get married (unless my fiancé minds)
16) Michael Gambon is one of my favorite actors
17) I have (three times!) flattened guys twice my size for bullying other kids
18) I hate summer… but love summer evenings
19) I’ve eaten a roly-poly. Oh! and some ants too… but the roly-poly tasted better
20) I write silly things when I’m tired (in case you couldn’t tell)
21) I have never seen Singing in the Rain
22) One of my nick-names used to be Bully (I’ve moved to My Muslim Friend now)
23) I nearly cut off my brother’s finger with a pair of scissors once
24)  I never had to wear a head-gear or expander with my braces
25) I have a tiny mole on the inside of my eyelid
26) The term “mutual submission” makes me really mad
27) I have never had my hair cut professionally
28) I’ve never owned a phone
29) I used to play the flute
30) I only learned the Hokey-Pokey a year ago and the Chicken-Dance a month ago
31) I have three freckles on my right cheek
32) I get really weird when writing too late at night (but not this time… oh no)