Friday, February 8, 2013

From Dream to Reality

My, how time flies! It is hard to believe it was over two years ago that my good friend and brother in Christ, Luis Garcia, first shared with me his vision of writing a book on Biblical purity. Sitting under an EZ-up at a speech and debate tournament, his sixteen year-old dream seemed little more than just that, a dream. Yet in the last two years I have been blessed to see that dream turn into a reality. 

I am so proud to announce that Luis’ book, Before the Altar, was released today. You can order it here in hardback or paperback: 

The focus of the book is Biblical purity, but from a unique perspective: looking forward. During the beginning of the writing process, Luis feared he faced a dilemma from the fact that unlike most young people in our culture, he didn’t have baggage from previous relationships. “I haven’t ‘messed up’ to the point others have,” he said. “Sure I’ve made mistakes. The reason I am so passionate about Biblical purity is because I struggle so much with it. But compared to so many hurting people, my slate is relatively clean.”

Although once viewed as a difficulty, I believe this has become Luis’ greatest strength. As the description of his book states, “Books written on the topics of romance, singleness and purity are looking back, but I am looking forward. I have never dated or kissed, and I’m eighteen. Most people my age have already dated, kissed and lost their virginity; some have even experienced pregnancy. For young adults, divorce and cohabitation rates are beyond acceptable. Abortion numbers have amassed to over nine holocausts. And I am compelled to stand in the gap. If no one makes a stand, we can only expect even worse consequences to come. It’s time to stop playing in the muck of this world and slapping a Christian label on it. We need to be resolute in surrendering our lives to the authorship of God. And that surrender starts now—before the altar.”

I greatly encourage each and every one of you to read this book. It will be well worth it!

Edit: Luis' book is now also available on Amazon ( You can even purchase an ebook version here: